Can’t boot after PATH modification

Hey guys, Linux newb here, I’ve been using Fedora for a few weeks now with just a couple minor hitches. However, today I restarted my computer after some weird behavior in my terminal and now my computer refuses to boot properly.

I’m using a Zephyrus G14 2020 model I bought recently, and have Fedora 37 installed

What happened:

After running
cargo install --git GitHub - NewDawn0/rgpt: An insane cli ChatGpt client written in Rust

I added an export PATH to my ~/.bashrc
so I could execute the program

After that, bash kept prompting me to install “thefuck” (a utility for fixing commands) “sed” and “nano”, then telling me the install failed because the packages were already installed

This really confused me, as I wasn’t sure how nano would have been impacted by what I was doing.

I thought rebooting my computer might fix the problem, but I cannot login in standard or rescue mode. Using the standard boot, I can get to the login, but after entering my password, the computer hangs on a grey screen with a frozen cursor for four minutes before sending me back to the login screen.
I’ve had that specific problem before, the solution was to reinstall the proprietary nvidia drivers, but this time I can’t even get rescue mode to work. This is the output upon booting rescue mode:

Which I don’t have enough experience with Linux to understand.

This is my GRUB screen:

I hope this is the right place to post this&
any help would be greatly appreciated

Alright, I managed to fix this with some help with people in another forum, but I’ll leave this here in hopes some other poor soul with the same problem might come along and find this helpful.
The problem was that I had set my PATH to /home/me/.cargo/bin rather than appending it. That caused bash to be unable to run anything without an absolute path invocation. I managed to fix it by booting into console mode, and running $ /usr/bin/sudo nano ~/.bashrc
Because otherwise bash didn’t know what sudo meant.