Cached data since we moved ask category to toplevel?

Is it possible that we do have a caching option active for ask category?

Since the move I do have to refresh every time I want to see an actualization. Also the counter of notification is not going back automatically if I do click on them. Also when I correct, something I do have to refresh to se changes.

Did someone else recognize such a change?

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@mattdm, I confirm the issue, it looks like Ajax broke a few days ago.
Live update on notifications and edits is not working.


I am not sure what the problem is, but I’m seeing it too. I don’t think it should be related to the move… but, maybe?

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I’m also not sure if it is from the move, it was just quite on this time. As @vgaetera mentioned it could be ajax . If this is included with an relative path it can be because the Url is different now.

I’ve deployed the latest code to the site (we’re normally on a delay so that things can stabilize) — does this fix the problem?

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It looks like the notification works again.
Yes correction also refreshes now.