No notifications from Change Proposals category

I am having problems with email notifications again.
When Change Proposal discussions were first moved to Discussion,
I set up notifications from change-proposals, and that worked:
I got hundreds of notifications about posts relating to the telemetry proposal.

Since then, a problem hasappeared:
I do not receive any notifications about posts in Change Proposals.

I noticed that topics for newer Change Proposals do not have change-proposals tag any more.
Instead, they are put to Project Discussion / Change Proposals subcategory.
That explained my first point, so I added that subcategory to my watch list.

However, I still do not get the notifications.
Initially, I thought that is because only new topics in the subcategory are set to watching β€”
at least that is what preferences/tracking page claims.
But, when I open any of the existing topics, I see a box that says I am watching the topic.

I have looked at my email filters, and I cannot see anything there that would hide the notifications from me.

Is it possible that there is some Discourse bug here?
Either that notifications are not sent where they should be,
or that the Discouse is showing wrong information about me watching all the Change Proposal topics.

Well, there actually was something wrong with my email filtering.
The problem is on my end, and I can solve it myself.

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