No longer getting email notifications


Did something change last week regarding emails? I seem to have stopped getting email notifications on 8th March. I seem to remember turning on the “mailing list mode”, but I can’t see that setting now. The only category I seem to be watching right now is “Council Discussion” (in “Project Conversations”), but I was getting email for lots of other categories besides that one.



Not that I know of. But I also don’t see “mailing list mode” anymore. Hmmm. Let me check with support.

Okay, yep – "mailing list mode" mysteriously deactivated - support - Discourse Meta. I’ve turned it back on. Sorry about that.

I do think (as the Discourse developers do) that subscribing to categories intentionally is actually better than “mailing list mode”, which (despite the name) is really more like “subscribe me to every list with no control”.

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Thanks @mattdm! All seems to be working again.

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