Tag notification subscriptions not saved

I recently started to explore Fedora Discussion.
The first things I did was to enable email notifications
and to subscribe to notification about some tags.
Then I waited…and waited.
But no email notifications appeared.

Sure, the tags I subscribed do not have the volume of e.g. the devel list,
but not a single notification in a week?

So I came back to investigate.
For some reason, all my tag notification subscriptions are gone.
I can re-add them,
but they are not actually stored.
If I refresh the page after clicking Save,
the lists of tag subscriptions are empty again.

That does not happen with Categories,
those can be saved and stay saved,
and I have even seen a notification coming my way.

Is this a common problem, or specific to my setup?
How can this problem be solved?

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I seem to have the same problem. So maybe it isn’t uncommon?

I noticed this too when demoing this for the Fedora Council. I’ll report it right away as a bug.

FWIW I can’t reproduce as myself, but I made a test account and it’s not working for the test account.

@glb and @oturpe — do you have tag watches set to match the categories you were watching before? They should be mapped, so if you were watching e.g. the “rust” category before you should now be watching #rust.

I’m just selecting #magazine from the drop-down under Preferences → Notifications → Teams & Tags → Watched. It shows as magazine in the text box after I select #magazine in the drop-down. Then I click the save button. But when I browse to another page and return, the setting is blank again.

Under Categories I’m just watching Fedora Magazine.

I was not watching anything before,
I only started to set this up after the new site organization was in effect.
There are not tags shown in the watch tags page at all.

FWIW, if it helps figure things out: my watched categories migrated to tags. I just tried adding a new tag and it appears to have saved correctly.

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Discourse says they can reproduce and are looking into it.

Update: Discourse tells me they have a fix that they’re reviewing and which should be live soon.

This should now be fixed. Please test! Thank you.

The setting appears to be taking now. Thanks Matt and the Discourse support team for the fast work.

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Adding tags to watches works for me, too.
We will see if the email notifications work as soon as somebody posts something.

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