Every notification from the past several years just resent to my email

What’s going on?


I got over 500 notifications from the community blog category. It hasn’t stopped yet, I got more after the initial burst.

Me too, all at 00:42 AM

Yeh, I have e-mail notifications turned off, but now I see 460 unread posts. Quite sure I’d read up and “dismissed” unread ones yesterday.

Something is up in the Community Blog tag/category—it’s got lots of posts from just 8 hours ago or so.

Edit: alerted the marketing team:

(didn’t want to move this post there, but also cannot tag them in this category, so created a new post).

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Thanks! Yeah, this wasn’t me — the posts are pushed from the Wordpress side rather than pulled by Discourse. I think maybe @jflory7 was doing something late at night?

Anyway, sorry about this, everyone. :frowning:

We’ll figure out what happened and make sure it does not happen again.

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It’s happening again. :frowning:

At least on my side, everything from the Community Blog category seems to have been reposted, maybe twice. I had to mute the category in my settings.

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Well, on the bright side of things, a good opportunity for us newer folks to learn some of our history :slight_smile:

This seemed an appropriate musical accompaniment for the occasion :wink:


I too woke up to 500+ emails from the board this morning. I assumed someone was doing maintenance and triggered something.

Hi folks. I’m so sorry. At some point, a spam account got into the Community Blog and set several spam keywords on posts. Things like tobacco and cannabis industry keywords. I ran several batch operations several tags on old posts and I’m guessing that set all this off.

I didn’t expect it to cause so much trouble. It appears that the Discourse plugin, which was set up later on in the CommBlog’s lifetime, did not create Discussion topics for older posts. It looks like it overwrote the comment history and created new Discussion topics for every post that did not yet have a Discussion topic.

I’m not sure what remedial options are at this point. The emails have all sent and caused the trouble. It is sad that comment history appears to be overwritten. I’m not sure if it was just hidden or hard-deleted from the database though.


It’s happening again! Some of these emails arrived in 2 or 3 copies too. From the original author, from “system” too. This is crazy amount of emails. That’s 800+ new emails threads from “@fedoraproject.discoursemail.com” (again some have 2-3 copies of the same email).