Bug with install fedora

Developers, you did a very good project :blush: :+1:, it’s better then Mac os,I love using fedora, but I have some problems with install fedora, you can see trouble on picture, and about this trouble people are speaking on this site - 1575957 – Silverblue installation fails when the EFI partition isn't reformatted

How fix it? I very want to using fedora :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Welcome to the community! Please read #start-here when you have the opportunity.

The discussion.fedoraproject.org site is a user community, not Fedora developer community. And in the “Ask in English” category, many of us will struggle with being able to read the message on your screenshot. Please provide the translation so that more of the community can see the nature of your install problem.

Fortunately you do note that a bug has already been filed, so the developers will be aware.