Broken dependency on silverblue rawhide

Hi, I was trying silverblue rawhide on a vm, but after the last upgrade (I think that I done it two days ago) the rpm-ostree is no more capable to perform any translation. The program close with this error:

error: Sanity-checking final rpmdb: Didn't find package 'distribution-gpg-keys-1.47-1.fc34.noarch'

I have a clean installation with no layer package.

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Same here.

Hello @pierosimonet ,
Off the top of my head I would say that first off, it’s rawhide sometimes things get broken, hence the name. I couldn’t find an issue with the keys pkg, but I can say I haven’t had a compose report since Sunday afternoon so maybe there is an issue.

Thanks, I figure that if I boot to a previous version I can do the upgrade normally (but the ~24 version still have the same problem), my intent was to notify the problem since I didn’t find any reference to it online.

If it is a bug, in your opinion, I would then file it at so it can be brought to the dev’s attention and possibly get results.

Ok, thanks

This is fixed by core: Set _dbpath back to /usr/share/rpm after writing rpmdb by jlebon · Pull Request #2490 · coreos/rpm-ostree · GitHub. Patch should be in rawhide momentarily.

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This should be in the next rawhide compose. But you won’t be able to upgrade to it if you have layered packages. You can rollback to the previous deployment if you have one without libsolv 0.7.17, or you can rpm-ostree usroverlay and rpm -Uvh the rpm-ostree RPM. Or you can also drop all the layered packages and re-add them after rebooting into the next compose.

Perfect, thank you