"Bootloader has not verified loaded image. System is compromised. Halting

" Bootloader has not verified loaded image . System is compromised. Halting
After newest Fedora34 prerelease DNF update last night and new start this morning,
I got the above notice. There are two versions listed under Pre release and one F 30 version
They all gave the same notice. It is a dual boot machine with Windows 1o and that started okay.
Any “UNCOMPLICATED” feedback / solutions? In worse case scenario, I just recently downloaded a F33 as “In case”…


I guess your machine is having Secure Boot enabled.

Secure Boot is not working for Fedora 34 Beta yet.

There is a Bootloader test day in Apr 12.

Please see the Fedora Magazine article for more details.

You can disable Secure Boot now to test Fedora 34 Beta, or you can wait for a new ISO that is Secure Boot enabled.


You can try finding options like ‘Restore Factory Keys’ in your BIOS (many computers with UEFI, especially those from big vendors like Lenovo/Dell has this option, but it’s not guaranteed)
This is specific to different computer models so I can’t point out what will look like, but here’s what it look like on my computer:

There are also more complicated settings like chrooting and manually downgrading shim, re-install UEFI certifcate from windows, resetting keys in a live usb by the command mokutil, etc, but if your BIOS support disabling Secure Boot or restore to factory default, setting from your BIOS is the most simple option.

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Hi Yang, thanks for your feed back / tips. Before I got your reply, I had already reinstalled Fedora 33 again. I’ll just wait till F 34 comes out.
The only problem with the 33 is Bluetooth doesn’t work. But I can live with that for a while.

Thanks again anyway,

take care,