Cannot boot fedora 33 with "secure boot" enabled

Hi everybody,

My Dell Precision 3640 workstation does not boot with “secure boot” enabled (black screen and then it reboots). Ubuntu 20.04, clonezilla, rescuezilla, etc boot flawlessly.


I think everything will boot with no problems if you disable secure boot

I know, but I would like to know how to get Fedora to work with secure boot enabled.

Just prior to the release of F33 there was an issue with secure boot and F33 in that when Ubuntu 20.4 was installed it had a signed shim that interfered with fedora and secure boot since the shim with fedora was not signed. I don’t recall all the details but from what I remember it seems your issue is the same.
As I recall the exact issue was that fedora could boot with secure boot enabled unless 20.4 had been installed and then it could not. One of the workarounds I saw was that you had to disable secure boot. Another was to ( within the bios ) delete all the secure boot keys to it did not have keys to compare to the shim and then it could boot even with secure boot enabled.

I have seen nothing newer on that so cannot give anything as an update. As I understood it the issue was expected to be fixed before F34 is released.

Thank you, but not being able to boot with secure boot enabled is still painful for me. At the moment I can’t switch to Fedora (non-support of secure boot is one of the causes) and I have to keep Ubuntu (if I delete the key, it may force me to reinstall Ubuntu).