Automatically delete in gedit

I installed F32 on my laptop. I used gedit to edit a text file and switched between English and Chinese when necessary. Suddenly, after I stroke a certain key, the characters were deleted quickly and automatically, as if I kept pressing the delete button. Then in a hurry I had to close gedit without saving. Even then, a number of words are lost. This phenomenon happened several times. Does anybody else have the same problem?

maybe a stuck keyboard key?

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I’m typing the letter key, not the delete key. The laptop was brought only two years ago and all keys are good. Also, I never have this problem in win10 system when using office.

A stuck keyboard will automatically add a series of a certain new letter to the text, not delete the words just typed.

Does it only happen in gedit? Could you try launching gedit from a terminal? That will print any errors gedit throws to the terminal, maybe you’ll be able to see something there.


Yes, it happens only in gedit. Lauching gedit from a terminal is a good idea. I’ll have a try. Thank you very much!