Author avatar mobile rendering

This has been bothering me for quite a while: on Android Chrome at least the author avatar in Fedora Magazine article pages is rendered on top of the author’s name (nick): basically hiding nearly all of it, so making it largely impossible to see who wrote the article!

Here’s an example from the latest article:

It would be nice if this could be fixed.
Maybe this should be in pagure, I dunno?

Hello @petersen,
Thanks for catching that, can you think of approximately how long you have noticed this? I never use my mobile for viewing the site, so I would never catch it presumably.

Too long I fear… basically as long as I can remember :frowning:

It might have early on, I really can’t remember anymore though.

Well, that’s a bit humbling. We’ll have to check into this. I bet it will get a bit of attention at the editorial meeting this morning.
[Edit] I brought this up at the meeting and I am chasing the guru now to see what needs doing to fix it.
[Edit]: the guru is @ryanlerch, and I am hoping he notices this thread and jumps in with a nifty solution!

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This is now fixed, thanks to Ryan. I also took the opportunity to fix a few other dangling issues and rolled a new version of the theme onto the WP site.

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By the way, one of the issues I fixed was updating the Vagrantfile in the theme repo so it works well using a newer F32 based box. I made myself a TODO to write docs for how to handle a new theme on the Magazine docs site.

Thank you, looks good now! :grinning: