Introduction - Mohammed Tayeh

Greetings everyone!
My name is Mohammed Tayeh, I’m working at Nokia as a DevOps Engineer, and I’m happy to write an article for Fedora Magazine. and I’d like to request access to create and edit posts.
the first article I am interested in is “Install Kubernetes with CRI-O” I see some old drafts on WordPress from 2020 not sure if it is completed or not (Rergarding New Article IDEA)

also i have others idea i can contribute with it to magazine


Hi @mohamed94
It appears that there has not been a recent modification to the article proposed in Rergarding New Article IDEA. It is associated with Pagure ticket #33 and this WordPress article.

I’ve asked the author of that article for a status update and I will let you know the response.

In the mean time you might select an alternate topic from the Pagure fedora-magazine-newsroomideas” column or propose your own.

Your FAS account should give you access to WordPress and Pagure and you can propose alternative topics in this forum.

The workflow for articles, the proceess for proposing articles, and how to contribute as a writer are described here along with other details.

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have here.


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I’ve heard back from the author of the article proposed in Rergarding New Article IDEA. ( Pagure ticket #33 and WordPress article) and he is planning on completing it in the near future. \

I’m afraid he has fist call on that article but we would love to have you take on either on of those in the “ideas” column or one of your own choosing.

We’ll be looking forward to your article where ever it comes from. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @rlengland
i will look at Ideas to see what i can do

Hi Mohamed, I’ve been Nokia fan since their early days, my first mobile phone was Nokia 3210. Now you know how old I am, lol :grin: My first Android was Nokia 6 (okay, I know it’s HMD Global, but still…), and I had no idea that Nokia actually has a DevOps team. Where are you based?