Forum is looking a little funky right now

Here’s how Fedora Discussion looks on my end. It’s like icons or profile pics aren’t loading correctly. F37 Workstation, Firefox.

Can confirm. Looks like there may be an issue with Discourse’s content delivery network (CDN). I don’t see anything on their status page but I’ll see about reporting this to them.

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Discourse support confirms an issue with the CDN. Fixes are rolling out, but some avatars my be broken for up to 24h until they expire out of the cache.


I think that the problem may be specific to our deployment. Discourse maintains backups for disaster recovery (of course), and will provide those to customers on request.

As part of our Enterprise contract, we requested that we our own copy automatically, so that in the unlikely event the Discourse company turns evil or is purchased by a capricious billionaire or everyone there decides they’ve had enough and goes to live a simple, disconnected life on a llama farm, we still have access.

The easiest way to do this turned out to be to give us our own bucket on the content delivery network and auto-replicate that to a Fedora-controlled bucket. That was just completed.

I don’t know for sure, but it seems like a big coincidence if this isn’t related.

Anyway, they’re looking into it as an urgent support request. Thanks for the report, @joseph!

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fitzy here from Discourse. This CDN problem was related to moving to the new bucket - apologies for the broken avatars - this will clear up as caches expire over the next 12h or so. We are in the process of moving CDN providers in order to prevent these kinds of issues in the future.