Auna Mic CM900 very quiet


I have bought an Auna Mic CM900 which gets pretty good reviews on the internet… However, the sound is very quiet (recording with OBS Studio as well as displayed in the system settings).

Connecting it to a Mac shows it’s not the mic, as the sound on the Mac is very loud.

Googling the problem only showed postings connected to a Windows update - which obviously isn’t my problem :-))

Would anyone have an idea as to the cause, or what I could do? Many thanks!!

What happens when you run alsaimxer in command line, can you push the volume further up there?
Also use F6 to jump to different sound cards to select the relevant soundcard.

Thanks @janvladimirmostert, alsamixer made it a bit louder (pushing up to 100%)!
It’s still not "loud ", but at least it’s loud enough now, without having to push up “Gain” by a lot in Obs Studio (which lead to high background noise).