Audio editing and recording F37

Hi all, I’m not sure you can help, but willing to try. I previously used Audacity in windows and was able to record audio from anything playing thru my headset or headphones and now installed on F37, but doesnt have the same settings as I did previously? I’ve tried to get it to work, and still cannot set the recording thru speakers or headset. I’m no genius, and have tried other apps like Ardour, and Ocenaudio and still cannot figure it out? Any Suggestions because I got most of my stuff working on F37 but really need this also to make audio clips and video clips for sending to stations for comical chats.


Hola, José

Have you checked if Audacity is connected in Jack to the right input of the interface and the speakers you want?

You can check it out in Jackctl, Carla or RaySession. The last two are easier in my opinion, since they are more graphical. I like RaySession the most.

Hope it helps!