Article Proposal: Open Source Game Achievements

Summary: Explain how Gamerzilla can be used to implement achievements

Description: The article would talk about the proliferation of game achievements on game stores. It would explain how open source games had no equivalent online record of achievements. The architecture of Gamerzilla would be discussed and what is available on Fedora today.


+1 for me. We need some (other than steam) game exposure.

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In any case a topic that is developing steadily on Linux-Platforms.


@dulsi I think your proposal may have fallen through the cracks. Sorry about that. It looks like it would be a good article about an open source project for Fedora’s Magazine.

+1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you followed the steps in Getting Access yet?

P.S. Ralf, thanks for the “bump”. :slightly_smiling_face:


@glb : I have now followed the steps for Getting Access.

Thanks Dennis. I have created card #318 to track the progress of your article. Please move the card to “In progress” when you begin working on the article. Move the card to “Review” when your article is ready for publication.