Game Achievements without Steam

I will be giving a talk at BostonFIG Talks about Gamerzilla. Gamerzilla is my open source game achievement system.

If you want to promote an open source game add support for Gamerzilla and I’ll probably mention it in my talk.


Hey @dulsi

Great that you’re going to give a talk about Gamerzilla your open source game achievement system.

Maybe @mattdm or @bcotton can say more about your question.

Anyhow, I’ll be happy to watch your talk and see you on BostonFIG :slight_smile:



Gamerzilla has unfortunately suffered a setback. The Hubzilla instance that installed the web interface has shutdown. I wasn’t able to interest anyone else in running it. I decided to code up a simple interface using .net and react. The initial version can be seen at:

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