I would like to interview one of the editors

Hello, I have already posted here about my graduation thesis on Fedora Magazine. To be more direct, I need an interview with one of the editors to better understand the project. I already cataloged all the information I could with online documentation.

My objective is to show the innovation that happens with marketing in the open source world.
If one of you could help me, it would be really great!

Hello @thiagopx,
Thank you for your interest in how Fedora Magazine fits into the overall ecosystem that is Fedora. As you rightfully point out, the mag is a forward facing tool for marketing Fedora to the broader online community. As an editor it is my hope we are accomplishing this by providing useful information that relates to Fedora, and not just an advertisement per se. As I am relatively new in the role as an editor, possibly @bcotton, or @asamalik, or @pfrields could offer more details that apply to your questions.

Perfect, that’s precisely what I need. Tomorrow I’ll have a meeting with my advisor to formulate what exactly I need you to answer me. But I’m happy I can count with you!