Graduation thesis about Fedora Magazine and marketing

Hi! I’m a marketing graduation student from Brazil. I’m working on my final thesis about Fedora Magazine and the marketing background it has in relation to Fedora Project and RedHat. My hipotesis are:

  • RedHat and the community around Fedora Project have an equal exchange relationship that creates value and consumption.
  • RedHat depends on the Fedora Project to maintain the innovation and update rhythm of its products therefore it’s essential to keep a good relationship and engagement level with the community of Fedora.
  • The content of Fedora Magazine is focused on informing, engaging and growing the community, especially those who are active in modifying and improving the system in any area possible.
  • The community itself is an asset that offers values as time and skill to develop innovation on the softwares that generate value to RedHat business.

I need data that can help me point out if those statements are correct or not and then draw a picture of what the Magazine actually is in the marketing platform of the project. I’m already collecting what is described in the documentation about how the articles are proposed, developed and published. Another subject of my interest is how the project is structured (the council, the editors, the writers) and how each part plays its role to decide what the articles need to focus on for example.

That being said, I have four major points that need to be made clear to begin with:

  • The editors of Fedora Magazine respond to the council of Fedora Project? Are the subjects of interest defined with their help?
  • How does the participation of the community affect the magazine?
  • Can I have data about the performance? Which topics are more viewed? How many people access the content? And so on…
  • Can you observe some type of “consumer journey” in which community members engage with the magazine content and then, at some point, become official RedHat contributors?

It would be great if someone on the team could help me better understand the whole situation behind Fedora Magazine, but what really matters to me at this moment is data to have a precise picture of the impact that the magazine makes.

Hope my english is good enough to make everything clear.

I will appreciate any contribution you do in the comments. I don’t know exactly how the forum works, but if someone want to have a direct contact with me, you can mail me at

Thank you very much! ;D

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