Our relation with downstream projects and the Marketing team's place as a potential point of contact

Allow me to use that as a starter for a break-out topic and question.

We were having this discussion on the Marketing Team just yesterday, and we’d love to know more about our current relationships with downstream projects and what plans the project has about it for the future.

The idea started when we were brainstorming future guests for the Fedora Podcast, and I came up with suggestions for the maintainers for Nobara and uBlue projects, both of which use Fedora as a base in different ways.

We started planning on how we, as the marketing team, could and should approach said projects for interviews and other forms of direct contact, and thinking about how we could use that approach to help guide those downstreams to help and collaborate with upstream as much as they can, and turn this relations as open as possible; We also started to discuss the viability of those ideas, and came up short with a conclusion if such thing is possible or not. Can we do it? Should we do it?

One of the things I personally like the most about Fedora is how open and friendly our relations with Red Hat, CentOS, Rocky and now Asahi are, and I’d love to see those ties strengthening even further.


Would such a kind of project be welcome and could it be listed/get help in the “Our Neighbors” section?

So, Alma and Rocky are using Fedora as upstream now instead what they doing for a long time? /s

But, seriously speaking i think it will be good to sell some facts to community about Red Hat contributions to FOSS world.

This list is nice but it’s boring and the majority is unaware


I think it’s a great idea to contact teams that use Fedora as base.

I find useful to just go to their comm channels and just ask. Don’t be afraid, the worse it can happen is that they say no.


Sorry if this is brief, but I want to get at least something out now and provide a more nuanced answer later. The vibe that I have been operating by when it comes to downstream projects is this.

Fedora downstreams are friends. We vibe, collaborate, and celebrate FOSS together. :slight_smile:

It’s intentionally simple and to the point. I think it does a good job of guiding our attitude toward downstream projects.

When it comes to marketing, Fedora Marketing is here to market Fedora. Our efforts should bias heavily to Fedora, but not entirely.

How do downstream projects meet with Fedora marketing? When the downstream is doing something that involved Fedora besides being based on Fedora, that’s a collab moment that can be prioritized for sharing or promoting. Otherwise we can always “go to that well” and it would be a lower priority piece of content unless we wanted to do something intentional like go out of our way to promote something or we want to mix up what we’ve been posting about lately. These are vague guidelines because we kind of have to feel it out.

I’ll come back to this later and add anymore thoughts I have.


FWIW, I think adding features around downstreams of Fedora is useful, when the conversation can be tied back to how Fedora enables them to be more successful.

Thinking specifically of the CentOS Project, I think there are great conversations that could be had around EPEL and Fedora ELN, for example. Also, projects like Amazon Linux are heavy users of Fedora who then go on to serve other use cases.