Fedora presence in FOSS-friendly social networks

Hi, all,

I’d like to ask about your experience and collect tips and suggestions about Fedora presence in various FOSS-friendly networks and especially Fediverse.

Where do you have accounts? What are you subscribed to? Any recommendations, tricks you use in your setup?

There is of course Matrix and IRC, which are good for real time communication. But what about other use cases?

For me, I have a Diaspora account at Pluspora though I am considering setting up my own server. But I don’t have a Fedora-related network there.

My main source of news on Diaspora is Thorsten He has also second account for more generic things.

The other thing I am trying to setup is Mastodon. I’ve got an account and I am looking into replacing Twitter with it. I have found the unofficial Fedora Magazine bot: https://fosstodon.org/web/accounts/307642 which is nice. There are also bots for things like HackerNews or LWN

Who are you in Fediverse and how does it work for you?

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I have a Hubzilla account at freegamedev’s instance. It can talk to mastodon accounts. I chose it partially because I frequent freegamedev and I thought the plugin system could make a game achievement system. If you go to my channel the three bars at the top right has a Games link. That shows the achievements I’ve acquired for games supporting Gamerzilla.

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