Article proposal: Music rendering with ABC notation

ABC is a plaintext markup for music notation and lyrics.

  1. An introduction to basic features
  2. a sample song file
  3. rendering the result with abcm2ps and abc2midi
  4. link to an ABC spec, and some other published ABC song files.

What licenses are ok for the sample song file?

I added this issue before finding this workflow:

Hi @sdgathman,
Glad to hear from you. I think this would be a good article to proceed with. I am giving it my
[Edit] once there is two we make a card on the Taiga board. If you haven’t already, please sign in to Taiga with your FAS ID.


That means the proposal is accepted!

I’ve created a Taiga card:

@sdgathman and I’ve added you to the board as a writer, welcome!

You can now assign the card and start writing in Wordpress. Happy to help if you have any questions, just let me know here :slight_smile:

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I wrote the article, pasted into wordpress, and pressed “Submit for review”. It’s not obvious that did anything.
Preview is here: Rendering Music notation with ABC - Fedora Magazine

Nice idea. I will like this article.

Hello @sdgathman,
That was an educational article, thanks for writing it. It brought me back to my elementary school days when Mrs. McDonald would teach us music. Well done.

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