Article proposal: Java development on Fedora

Hey all,

I want to write an article about developing Java applications on Fedora. I have a few years of professional experience with Java on Fedora, so I figured that it would be a good topic to share my knowledge on.

Article outline

  • Birds eye perspective
    • Language
    • Platform
    • License
  • Praxis
    • Running Java
    • Development tools
    • Graphical tools
    • Demonstration
  • Summary

For the demonstration, I’ll use the FLOSS game Shattered Pixel Dungeon to show the power and easy-of-development that Java offers.

Kind regards,


This sounds like a perfectly good idea to me. It would be best to feature the OpenJDK that Fedora offers, in case that’s unclear – hopefully using a FLOSS game as an example is totally compatible with that.

O, no doubt, Shattered Pixel Dungeon is a great example of GPL 3 in action. It’s a good, well balanced game without any kind of exploitative or predatory monetization. It’s the game that got me thinking about user rights, 4 year ago, because it’s such a stark contrast with all other mobile games: This is a game with respect for the user :partying_face:

Try it on Flathub or Android for yourself. Be aware. It has taken hunderds of hours of my life.

As for the FLOSS element, In the section ‘license’ I want to make it pretty clear that ‘Java’ is an umbrella term and that OpenJDK is FLOSS, and that there are multiple vendors, some of them not FLOSS. I also intend to mention Java in containers or virtual machines, since a lot of modern software development focuses on that.

Credit were credit is due, I will mention Sun and Oracle when appropriate, but I’ll focus on the modern development experience first, highlighting how the GPL has created an ecosystem where different vendors are competing with each other for the best experience.

+1 from me too. Now I must check out Shattered Pixel Dungeon for myself.
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