Conceptual model proposal for Fedora

I just posted this blog post on a conceptual model for Fedora that I have been working on to support an update to our website. I would greatly appreciate if you could read and provide feedback! :slight_smile:

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Hello @duffy ,
I like the concept, primarily a new web presence that is fresher would be welcome for sure. I like what is currently there and it’s comfortable and known to me, but sites like really show (me) how a product focused page can pull you into their story really easily. I would like (to see) the same level at Fedora. Fedora has/is a great story that is being written by the community daily, showing it off a bit wouldn’t hurt.
WRT the “F” shape of the potential use cases, it is very difficult to pin down and show specific’s with generalized nomenclature. Perhaps the bottom (base) of the “F” is the base Fedora Linux distro, referred to as “Desktop” (let’s just use Silverblue there) and the two other branches are maybe “Develope/Create” and “Edge Computing”. But honestly that leaves out a whole bunch that is also there, like serve(rs), maker tools, gaming, etc… In the end, I think it will require some more thought to be able to distill the ideas into the graphical representation.


@jakfrost Thanks for the feedback! I like your name suggestions for the paths better than what I came up with, and I think they are more inclusive of all the cases each path represents too.

Also thank you very much for the suggestion of as a website that tells a good story. I will review and see if we can draw any inspiration or ideas from their approach.

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