[Article Proposal] Fedora Linux earns recognition from the Digital Public Goods Alliance as a DPG!

Hi all, this is an announcement article to follow on the recent news that Fedora Linux is now a digital public good. I worked on the draft together with @bt0dotninja and @mattdm. This article is drafted up but needs a review from the Magazine editors.

Let me know if I can offer any support on reviewing this one. It would be great for it to be published as soon as possible. Thanks!

Note this is also a companion piece to @mattdm’s Red Hat article published earlier this week:


+1 From me!. Congratulations to the Fedora Community on this achievement! Very good news indeed.



+1 Taiga Card #386 opened for this article.
It needs a feature image. Any ideas? Is there a DPGA logo in the public domain we can use? Or perhaps the graphics used in the RedHat article?

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Here is an SVG of the Digital Public Goods logo, this might be useful: https://digitalpublicgoods.net/wp-content/themes/dpga/images/logo.svg

That should help. Thank you.

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