Article Proposal: Building open source games for Windows — on Fedora Linux

Once upon a time, I wrote a puzzle game called IceBreaker. At the prompting of several Fedora friends (hi, @ngompa!) I’ve fixed some compile errors and updated it so it builds and will be available in the Fedora Linux repos soon. But also, back in the day, I built it for Microsoft Windows as well. Last night, I went through and updated the build process I used back then, and rather than being difficult, the cross-compile toolchain in Fedora Linux made it very, very easy — I even generate a Windows installer.

My proposed article briefly introduces my game the MinGW toolchain, and the NSIS tool used to make the installer. It won’t be an in-depth howto, but will show that these things exist and are easy to use and point to further resources for anyone curious for their own code.


Since I’m the one who madesuggested you do this, I suppose I have to +1 the proposal. :slight_smile:


+1 Card #290 opened for your article, @mattdm