Arduino IDE missing from Fedora 35 repos?

Hey guys, I’ve upgraded to Fedora 35 from Fedora 34 just now, and it seems the Arduino IDE (and SDK) has been removed from the repos. Is this correct?

If that’s the case, does anybody know if there’s perhaps a COPR repo I could use?

The only other way I know I could do, is use Flatpak, but that installation image is quite large, at over 400MB for just the Arduino IDE, which I think is a little much.

Any word perhaps, whether it’ll shop up in the repos again, perhaps? Or is there like an official statement somewhere, that explicitly explains the removal of the Arduino IDE from the repos?


Yes. It seems that the Fedora package maintainer doesn’t maintain it anymore and nobody has showed an interest to take the responsibility to build such package, so it has been retired from the Fedora repository.

It seems that an alternative could be to download the software directly from the Arduino web site.

OK, well, that’s too bad. Perhaps someone will revive it as a COPR project eventually. I’ll probably install it from Flatpak for now, as updating is much easier with it.

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