Is Freecad not avilable in DNF repo?

Hi, I can’t able to find it in DNF repo, is it not there?

[shaber@lenovo-fedora ~]$ dnf search freecad
No matches found.
[shaber@lenovo-fedora ~]$ 
# System Details Report

## Report details
- **Date generated:**                              2024-01-13 17:20:44

## Hardware Information:
- **Hardware Model:**                              Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16IAH7H
- **Memory:**                                      16.0 GiB
- **Processor:**                                   12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-12700H × 20
- **Graphics:**                                    NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3070 Ti Laptop GPU
- **Disk Capacity:**                               1.0 TB

## Software Information:
- **Firmware Version:**                            J2CN40WW
- **OS Name:**                                     Fedora Linux 39 (Workstation Edition)
- **OS Build:**                                    (null)
- **OS Type:**                                     64-bit
- **GNOME Version:**                               45.2
- **Windowing System:**                            X11
- **Kernel Version:**                              Linux 6.6.8-200.fc39.x86_64

but it shows up here

It was retired, Issue #3080: Retiring 5 packages without a Python 3.12 rebuild from Fedora 39+40 - fesco -

but they fixed it long ago?How it’s a good idea to remove a big app like FreeCAD from repo?

I did not like it either, since I use FreeCAD regularly. However it is available as an AppImage and that works on F39.

I suspect that the maintainer for fedora did not want to update the app to work with python 3.12 and the upstream has not yet done so. This would mean that the requests for update should go to the upstream developers.

I am using the flatpak ones for long time, it has issues like slow doc loading, graphical glitch in wayland etc etc. So I thought native packge won’t have a problem( plese don’t focus on this, that’s not why i made this issue).

but they fixed the python issue, so i ask the fedora dev to add it in the native repo. depending on another party for a essential package like freeCAD is a bad move.

FreeCad does not offer a .rpm I just checked and they have AppImages. . . So it basically requires someone to volunteer to support making the .rpm file for Fedora. Which in turn means, maintaining every release of FreeCAD etc. So I see why unpacking the AppImage or compiling from source and Packaging it as a Flatpak makes sense. “In a way. . .”

On the other hand there are issues to iron out like you mentioned :

I could look into unpacking the AppImage and simply making a minimal container for it, IMO far better than using AppImages, and I’m interested in the performance of the application compared to Flatpak.

future me : There’s a development Docker image for Fedora already ! Could lead to an interesting project

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