Add Intellij IDEA Community and Ultimate edition

Hello there. I was very upset when i found out that Eclipse can be downloaded from your repos, but not Intellij IDEA. Please add at least Intellij IDEA Community Edition (which is open source btw) and IDEA Ultimate (not open source but at least in rpmfusion non free). Also, C Lion would be nice too. Actually, having all JetBrains products either in official repos or rpmfusion would be great. I can not understand how a distro that markets itself as being good for developers can leave such important IDEs out of the picture.

Hello, welcome to ask.fedora!!

Every package needs a package maintainer and Fedora is a community-based distro. It means: No maintainer, no package. Feel free to volunteer yourself to become the package maintainer for whatever package you are missing.

In the meantime, you can use a single command to install Intellij from Flathub on your Fedora:

flatpak install flathub com.jetbrains.IntelliJ-IDEA-Community

There is also the Ultimate version available on Flathub. C Lion does not seem to be available as a flatpak on Flathub but a quick search shows a snap available on Snapcraft. Install guide: Install CLion on Fedora using the Snap Store | Snapcraft. Again, one command you are good to go.