App to annotate screen recording

Hi, I’m looking for apps to annotate screen recording.

Procedures/steps I’m trying to achieve are;

  • Write a sequence of tutorials and what I’ll demonstrate: Fedora ARM server set-up for R Pi 3+ and connect with SSD drives/network config.
  • Screencast/recording
  • Save as animated gif
  • Annotate it with quick descriptions and arrows/blinks
  • Edit for smooth transition/cut out

I use Fedora Workstation 34 (GNOME Xorg). The gnome-software catalog does not show any video editing apps.

Can you recommend apps to create animated gif and perform video editing?
No audio is required.


I would recommend this one:

It needs a bit time getting familiar with, but it’s worth it.
And its 100% free.


However, I’m not sure if it is that what you are looking for. Since this covers more the recording part of the whole thing.

Encoding can be done by “handbrake”
dnf install HandBrake
Very good fo encoding and 100% free.

For editing I used Lightworks a view years back.

There is an opportunity to use it for free.
But you will need to sign up for a user account at least, in order to download it. Don’t remember if there’s a lot of editing capabilities besides of cutting for the free version, website says no.
Edit: Yes, can do Text and Effects and whatnot when subscribing and paying a monthly or yearly fee:

Lightworks supports 720p Export Only in the free version, it says, nothing beyond 720p: Lightworks - Tech Specs - LWKS - Video Editing Software
But if you want to spend some money, it is a very good program.

Then there are:

And maybe others?

Hi @huben, thanks for your suggestions.

My laptop is low-specced (4GB RAM), so I wasn’t sure if OBS would run hassle-free.
As I will record a terminal session for R Pi, I guess an animated gif can be done with a lighter tool. But there are so many options. The OBS seems like the best for all-around and streaming.

Pitivi looked familiar, so I gave it a try, but was not installed correctly with the command line. The system crashed.

Alternatively, I have enabled the Flathub repository to install Peek, Kdenlive & OBS, which works! Thanks for your heads up on Handbrake for any conversion of files.

The Flathub says that Peek is the recording tool for creating small, silent screencasts, creating GIF animations. Sounds like the right tool for the tasks at hand.

Kdenlive was recently featured in the Fedora Magazine. I have settled in Peek and Kdenlive for now and try to create a sample tutorial over the weekend. And then will play with OBS for a usability test.

Thanks again.

You might also read up on ffmpeg. It can do all the above except the recording but is mostly a command line tool. Once the video recording is done then it can add text, audio, cut segments, etc.

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