App (Shotwell) Behaves Differently When Launched from GNOME Dash Vs Terminal

When I launch shotwell on the command line (gnome-terminal, tmux, bash), it works fine. But, when I click on the shotwell icon in the GNOME dash/favorites menu, it behaves differently and cannot find my photo library.

It seems like something in my ENV, but I reviewed it pretty thoroughly and I don’t see anything that is obviously related to Shotwell; certainly there are not any Shotwell-specific variables. If it is ENV, it has to be something that affects other things too. But, none of my other dash-launched programs are having trouble, although I rarely use that method for launching, to be fair.

I thought of doing a binary search on the ENV, but it’s really big; that’s not an easy thing to do.

Any thoughts?

Is it possible you have both the repo package and the flatpak installed? Maybe you are launching the flatpak from dash and the repo package from the command line?

Doh! yes, that was it.

Upsetting, because I checked in gnome-software. When I right-click and select “show details” in dash, it shows me the RPM version.


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