AMDGPU Pro Driver on Fedora 35

Hey folks,

short (or long) question. Did anyone here have success installed the AMDGPU Proprietary drivers from the AMD page on Fedora 35 and if so how?

I am dependent on darktable and Davinci Resolve. Whilst Darktable I can run without accelerated GPU that does not work for DaVinci Resolve as it simply would not show any media content neither imagine nor video which is essential for well video cutting.

Thus I was wondering if there is anybody who had success. What I am running:

  • AMD Ryzen 4800H
  • Fedora 35
  • 64GB RAM

Appreciate any hint or first hand experience with someone who had success installing it and get it properly to work


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So that’s an actual AMD Laptop then. It is using the Radeon GPU with 7 cores by the looks of it. Radeon is supported in Fedora, and has been for awhile. But the OpenGL drivers may not be installed by default, and this would likely affect DaVinci, however I don’t know about what it requires. That would be a good place to start. Unfortunately, like me (I have a 5600G Processor) there is not a Linux Kernel driver yet for your chip specifically.


I have been using Ubuntu 20.04 on the laptop with (

However I took me a while to get it working. Had to downgrade to Kernel 5.6 and could only install version 20.04 of the driver otherwise was enjoying screen tearing that I could not remove (also not changing the XORG section. Wayland looked better but had other problems too.

DaVinci Requires access to the GPU compute (similar to darktable when you run the cltest section of it) for any graphics component it does (similar when you install the NVIDIA kernel driver, which I did on my desktop that work well).

So generally I can say that the posted Linux Driver on the AMD page “works” and I do put this deliberately in “” as I know the heated discussions around it and also made my own expierences.

If it worked on Unbuntu, the same technique should work on Fedora.


ok this then where I would require some help, how can I downgrade to a specific kernel version. I would need version 5.6.* ? At least that is the last version in combination with amdgpu pro driver 20.20 that I got working on Ubuntu without any tearing or any other issue.


To downgrade the kernel version I think goes like this in workstation cd $(mktemp -d) && koji download-build --arch=x86_64 --arch=noarch kernel-5.13.8-200.fc34 && dnf upgrade *
There is a discussion about it at Downgrading to a previous kernel version - #7 by jetstream - Ask Fedora
ask.fp.o is the place for questions like these normally, just fyi.

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Hey, me a cupla for that, I was not aware that this shall go to the asks section. I will continue the thread there then. Thanks

No worries. Hope you got this working for you.