Hows' blender and davinci resolve in fedora so far?

Its a mixed bag from what i see , some people like michael horn ( seem to install davinci resolve with no problem what so ever. while others seems to get plagued by issues on fresh installs ! same thing with getting blender to work with the foss amd drivers.

Hows your personal experience with these two pieces of software ? i would like to know before hopping over to fedora , since my main intrest in switching is the apparant ease of use (required pacakges are in repo , tutorials available , etc , etc…)

please get back as soon as possible guys ;D !!!

About davinci I made this install guide for it and just updated the pre install packages need to install before running install script so there have no need to install all what is on main post

Blender I have no issues it just works installed from fedora rpm what I use mainly testing flatpaks and both works


well well well , a few seconds in and i already have someone complaing about the rocm driver.
im fine with the lack of amdgpu hardware accelerated export capabilities (cpu encoding is always best for efficieny anyways) or anything thats on blackmagic’s end , is there any bug/issues that could/have effect on stability and usability of davinci resolve for someone using an amd rdna3 gpu like me ?

I’m not AMD user so I can’t say much about it it might be rolling dice how it works and it has been pretty good lately since black magic is mainly focused on Nvidia still, but I know there has been some bugs and issues on amd


We have a space here for Blender creators to post issues or tips, etc

I have used Blender for both AMD/Nvidia solutions. You could post your build here and see what others have to say.

For AMD, I would say that to get Blender with full support you can get away with the open drivers and all the ROCm packages which are now in Fedora. Obviously, Nvidia Cuda is a solution for those cards and those are supported by Nvidia for Linux for various reasons.

Davinci resolve is another topic altogether. Dependent on your build. Can it work… Yes, Can it break? Yes. Have good backups, don’t be in a rush to update ( especially in the middle of a project ) and you should be good.

The Blender flatpak can be finicky at times, but you can revert to a commit that works and stay.

Personal Note: If you are someone who “needs” to dual boot, I would actually look into how viable it is to run Windows in a VM. If you cannot do that, stay away from Dual Booting until you are fully committed to moving to Linux.
Many people will say “Oh, it’s ok if you do this, or don’t update this etc”, Dual Booting breaks. It’s an eventuality. As a creator, you need to think about your WORK & CREATIONS. Losing time, not meeting deadlines because of an exotic OS build is frustrating and unprofessional. It will cost you in either opportunities or environment stability.

I use Blender, Inkscape, Krita, GIMP for my creative hobbies. So if you decide to join Welcome to :fedora: , but if you are looking for Windows experience on Linux. . . Think again.

Not sure if you’re trying to bait or sarcasm. . . but anyway.

Because AMD’s stack is poorly implemented, with support for GCN/RDNA.X being very picky.

Outside of the fact their Container runtime is also poorly implemented. Nvidia sadly wins here.

Look at the recent bugs here on the Forums from a Mesa 24.x.x update.

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Well , i… have a radeon 7900xtx with a 7950x , mobo’s x670e steel legend from asrock.
Will this work mr rebel x wing pilot man ? or do i have to go to the dark side and live with recall ? i need you and your big brain democratic rebel gigachad mindset to liberate me from the empire’s evil capitalistic unconsensual data collecting (and snooping , oh my , emperor palpatine~ ) grips. pls help.

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It “can” work, depending on how critical your work is. As a creator, you have to be pragmatic about this. I was in the same position years ago, with Adobe CS6, Cinema4d and other tools.
Learned to run them smoothly in a VM using Virtual Box. They had “Seamless Mode” so dragging and dropping files was a breeze.
When that broke and went away, my work suffered a lot. I had to relearn new tools. Find new ways to work with files and find new workflows. This is not done overnight, and humans are creatures of habit. Muscle memory for common task, keyboard shortcuts, applications, opening specific files etc.

I drew a line in the sand 15yrs ago. . . If MS crossed that line for you, then you have already made a decision. . .

Those are decisions YOU need to make. It comes with sacrifices in workflow and productivity early on. I’m not using Geometry Nodes or Grease Pencil in Blender for you, I’m not color correcting your projects in Davinci Resolve for you ( @anon91881872 might though. . . )


Wow so cool ! i myself learned that i have the intelligence of a stormtrooper for not checking vfio/gpu passthrough support ! The state of AMD RX 7000 Series VFIO Passthrough (April 2024) - Wikis & How-to Guides - Level1Techs Forums

I believe , if you have the right hardware you can still do regular gpu passthrough virtualization and use those software normally ?

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they did , more than 2 years ago , ive been a happy debian user until i needed to do more advanced video/cgi stuff and kdenlive with its crappy text system was just not gonna cut it anymore

what ? you have people asking for favors lol ?

well , youve been very clear and comprehensive my guy ! turns out underneath that edgy xwing pilot man profile picture is a kind person with cardiomegaly. i was suprised at how friendly and willing you guys have been at helping a stupid dum dum who cant wipe his own bum bum like me. Thanks a lot you guys @hamrheadcorvette @anon91881872 !
ive leared that blender and davinci resolve on fedora is as bad as it is on every other distro , ill try my luck on distrobox ! say , if i have issues with a fedora container should i ask them in here or somewhere else ?

Blender is not so much an issue as is Davinci Resolve. Blender can run very well on Fedora. I frequently test the Flatpak and the RPM. I do not see a workflow at the moment requiring Blender in a Container.

DaVinic Resolve is the problem, and if you can get it working with a 7900XTX in a container, I wouldn’t even update until I HAD to.

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Love that background. :+1:

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Here’s a direct hit to the Davinci Install mentioned above:

Have not done this yet but moving from Mint now to Fedora 40 and have to have DR running and will be SCRAPPING NVidia for AMD GPU, Probably Radeon PRO W6800

Does it still work? Too many complaints from AMD users for a 1 year old tutorial to be viable.

I’m not sure the things in the video work yet, as mentioned, have not done it yet, have not built the new machine yet.

But if you check out the AMD Radeon PRO W7800 that it looks like I will be using, still researching - I know this one is maybe overkill,

[AMD Radeon™ PRO W7800 Professional Graphics]

The sheet in the link for the Driver page shows support for Ubuntu 22.04.4 HWE. Moving from Mint to Fedora I’m not sure we even have this Ubuntu 22.04.4 HWE option or if I need a different Linux flavor.

The sheet only says Linux x86_64. The driver page says Ubuntu 22.04.4 HWE.

Data sheet:
[GPU Data Sheet]

So I will build the new machine.
Get the GPU running.
Install Davinci Resolve Studio,
Looks like I need to pre-install some missing dependencies similar to Mint.

And hopefully by then AMD, Davinci & Fedora will be friends. I have it going on in Mint.

Please let me know if Ubuntu 22.04.4 HWE is a different animal?

I don’t think so, but post here to keep us in the loop. ROCm is in the fedora repos so that will help.

We have a Blender thread and a Davinci Resolve thread going.

Okay so here’s a YouTube Vid showing DR 19.3 does run on Ubuntu 24.04 but to add all the dependencies the guy does lines and lines of high speed typing, too much to follow and it can’t be copied from a video, but at min 4:45 he says the magic line "Davinci does run on Ubuntu 22.04.4.

Installing Davinci Resolve on Ubuntu 24.04 - Starts @ min 4:45

So I will just run Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS

This is the Ubuntu my GPU Drivers work with.

So I don’t do any Blender but all of the above I’ve posted looks like a successful recipe for DR 19.3 Studio to run on.

1.Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS
2. AMD Radeon PRO W7800 GPU (for me anyway)
3.DR 19.3 Studio

The AMD Driver page does list AMD Radeon™ RX 7000, 6000, 5000 series and others for the same driver. But you need at least what the minimum is for DR to run on.