AMDGPU Pro drivers with Da Vinci Resolve on Fedora 36 black screen

I used the guide from this forum to install the amdgpu-pro drivers on my Fedora 36 machine. While installing is working and Da Vinci Resolve launches, I cannot edit any videos. I only get a black screen when trying to edit the imported videos in the timeline. Sometimes it says GPU error -1. Since I used the 20.30 drivers, which are the “newest” ones shipped in the tar.xz archive, rather than as a repo, I think that might be the reason that it doesn’t work on the newest Fedora release. Can anyone help me with that issue? Does either anyone know how to install the newest 22.10 drivers on Fedora or a solution for the black screen with the drivers I have currently installed on my system? Would be great! Thanks in advance.