All GNOME extensions cannot be installed

Hi guys,
I have an odd issue:
On a freshly installed computer, all extensions from cannot be installed.
For example, installing the ‘remove-dropdown-arrows’ extension will only generate the directory and not download any files.

  1. The directory structure for “~/.local/share/gnome-shell” is as follows.
    ├── [ 0] gnome-overrides-migrated
    ├── [ 4.0K] extensions
    │ └── [ 4.0K]
    └── [ 1006] application_state

  2. No permissions have been changed and directory permissions should be fine.

  1. Disabled all plugins for Chromium except ‘GNOME Shell integration (version 10.1)’.
    Related software:
$ gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 3.36.6


Works for me.
Tested with latest Firefox and Chromium Freeworld on a freshly installed Fedora 32.
Try to temporarily add a new user and check from his session/profile.

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A new user was created to test it and it still didn’t work.

I understand that Gnome shell extensions are currently not working for Fedora 33. Are you using yet-to-be-released Fedora 33?

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You could file a bug on the Gnome GNOME · GitLab .


Thanks for the help.
I just reinstalled Fedora32 and it’s still the same issue.
By manually downloading the extension, it works fine. just can’t use “GNOME Shell integration” to get them automatically.
I guess it’s a network problem. another pc was working fine a few days ago.


Today I was able to install the GNOME extension with chromium, which confirmed that the day before yesterday was a network problem.

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