After upgrading to Fedora 38 my internet (wifi) is super slow

After upgrading to Fedora 38 my internet (wifi) is super slow. Like with my phone Im getting >250mb while through my Laptop is <10mb
This is my carte
02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (rev 1a)

Any idea ?

thanks in advance

If you search your card around here you will see some similar questions as yours, relating to slow network connection or no network connection. The thing is Intel is usually a pretty safe bet using it on Fedora (or an Linux distro GNU base), so it is a bit of a puzzle. What does nmcli typed into a console respond with? And if you use nmcli show <your device name> it will give more details about the connection. I have the same wireless adapter as part of my Asus Mobo (B550M Pro Wireless), and it looksa like this with those commands …

wlp3s0: connected to TP-Link_6E40
        "Intel 6 AX200"
        wifi (iwlwifi), B0:A4:60:33:14:AE, hw, mtu 1500
        route4 metric 600
        route4 default via metric 600
        inet6 fe80::132:7519:477b:fa2a/64
        route6 fe80::/64 metric 1024

nmcli device show wlp3s0

GENERAL.DEVICE:                         wlp3s0
GENERAL.TYPE:                           wifi
GENERAL.HWADDR:                         B0:A4:60:33:14:AE
GENERAL.MTU:                            1500
GENERAL.STATE:                          100 (connected)
GENERAL.CONNECTION:                     TP-Link_6E40
GENERAL.CON-PATH:                       /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/3
IP4.ROUTE[1]:                           dst =, nh =, mt = 600
IP4.ROUTE[2]:                           dst =, nh =, mt = 600
IP6.ADDRESS[1]:                         fe80::132:7519:477b:fa2a/64
IP6.GATEWAY:                            --
IP6.ROUTE[1]:                           dst = fe80::/64, nh = ::, mt = 1024

nmcli connection show TP-Link_6E40 will give a lot of details about my wireless connection, more than I want to post here.