Adding H.264 support to Firefox


It’s very easy, but I couldn’t find these steps anywhere else, so I’d like to share it here:

  1. Add the RPM Fusion free repo: rpm-ostree install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
  2. Reboot the system
  3. Install the compat-ffmpeg28 package (yes, even on Silverblue 29): rpm-ostree install compat-ffmpeg28
  4. Reboot again

That’s for the SB 29 pre-installed Firefox. Firefox Nightly flatpak includes H.264 support out of the box.

Flatpaks and media codecs

Likely just very similar steps as for “usual” Fedora Workstation that has been answered on AskFedora before. So it’s kinda answered there, except of the obvious changes for Silverblue and the fact that apparently the package name changed(?).


Thank you for posting here :slight_smile:


you can also just use Firefox Nightly from flatpak

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