Video codecs to watch netflix in Firefox (SilverBlue)

In a normal fedora install, I would install ffmpeg from the rpm-fusion repository and Firefox would be able to play netflix and other types of video. What method would I use to allow me to use these codecs in Firefox on SilverBlue?

I am not familiar enough with the toolbox yet to know how I would run a toolbox version of my browser from the main OS without having to terminal into the toolbox. For example, perhaps there is a way to create a desktop entry on the host OS that will open a toolbox version of Firefox that has all the codecs available?

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

  1. Add the RPM Fusion
sudo rpm-ostree install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
  1. Reboot the system
  2. Install the package with rpm-ostree install instead of dnf
  3. Reboot again



Been spending some time messing with the toolbox and flatpaks…
This gives me a reason to look into rpm-ostree and find out what makes it tick.

Thanks for the info @hhlp, much appreciated.