About other languages and different character sets

For me as a helper it not makes sense, that I give all my effort to translate some topics where are untouched with wrong language tags as we had by this:

First it was tagged french, then i did put to unlisted-language . After this I saw that I can create tags and I made the greek one. Now someone created ελληνικά and I am really lost.

I opt for an agreement how we do handle such topics. The best would be, in a mostly English discourse instance, that we have access to both types of writings like greek ελληνικά . I see to keep all the tags double would make a big mess. In the other hand a hover text in English would make sense.

An other point with languages and different character sets is, the screenshots, at least in the English part we should insist keeping them in basic English characters. Because in the same Topic I mentioned I made a link to an English topic with a screenshot
with Bulgarian character set where it is also different as the basic English character set.
The Bulgarian screenshot you find hidden in the “hidden details” option.


A work around would be, that we at least let the language tag in basic English.

I know that there is planed some AI and auto translation … but till there we do need at least a workaround.

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Just for the sake of linguistic, the screenshot is in Russian, not Bulgarian. They have similar alphabets, but not the same. Yes, I know it’s probably hard for people unfamiliar with Cyrillic to tell them apart.

Somewhat on topic, my native language is Bulgarian and I’m relatively good at Russian, but when I try to explain something related to IT, or in this case OS, in those two languages the result is unsatisfactory to say the least.


Both of them ? I’m talking about the screenshot link to the article and it is hidden behind

"Disks" > ckick on specific disk > "Gears" (beside un-mount button) > "Edit Mount Options ...

It would really simplify

I speak googlelish … and google proposed “Спойлер” as Bulgarian. Thanks for clarification.

This I do understand my mother-tongue is German and IT I studied the expressions most in English. Now in Portuguese (Brazil) I am half-ways lost while explaining IT in this language.
Just the point is, while using the fedora discussion in English, we need some hint to reproduce and find where you made the screenshot.

So " “Disks” > ckick on specific disk > “Gears” (beside un-mount button) > "Edit Mount Options … "
Would have brougth me much faster to a result. Even if would be Bulgarien Russian or any other language. So we could at least, while translate , find where the screenshot has been made from.

Both screenshots from Andrey’s post are in Russian. I’m not sure why Google suggests translating this particular word into Bulgarian. The Bulgarians do not put “Spoiler (Спойлер)” in this specific context in which the Russians use it. Here are some examples:

спойлер spoiler summary

I totally agree. Next time you see Cyrillic, feel free to ping me and I’ll probably be able to translate it correctly.

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It was me! Sorry for the confusion.

I agree that agreement is important. Most decisions about things like this are recorded somewhere in Site Help & Feedback, but as the site grows they get harder and harder to find.

Here’s where we came to this decision before:

Note also that for many languages, there actually is another tag for the language, in English, but that tag is set as a synonym, so it automatically gets replaced by the native-language one. This is why links like #greek topics still work. I’m not sure if this is consistent — we should add any that are missing.

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