About manually switching GPU graphics cards

I followed this guide to install the nvidia drivers.

I sometimes use the nvidia drivers on my laptop, but most of the time I use the intel integrated graphics card to drive fedora 34. So I was wondering if there is a program or plugin on fedora like NVIDIA SUSE Prime that allows the user to manually switch the primary GPU.

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Right click on the Icon and choose “Run on descrete GPU”

Thanks! This is a good idea, but unfortunately this option does not exist in the Xfce desktop environment (I just switched from gnome back to my usual xfce desktop environment yesterday).

That howto has a link to another one that has the information you are looking for:


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Installing Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu MATE on an Optimus laptop automatically installs the GUI and command line switcher MATE Optimus which you’ll find at Github. There’s a Fedora 34 package that I’m reluctant to try with KDE because I couldn’t get it working with the Fedora MATE spin, presumably because I’m missing extra configuration steps. Details have been hard to find.

If you decide to try it with the Xfce spin I’d be very interested in your results.

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