Zoom menus don't show

After the upgrade to Fedora 38, I’m having issues with Zoom. The menus don’t show most of the time. When I click on the user icon on the top right, for example the menu shows for a split second and then disappears.
Also, the schedule meeting dialog box is completely blank.
I tried both the Zoom rpm and the flatpak and the issue is the same.

Which desktop environment are you using?

I’m using Gnome on Wayland. Problem is present even with Xorg.

I have exactly the same issue, at least in Wayland. In Xorg, it is working better.

Same issue here and I’m pretty sure it’s directly related to Zoom’s acknowledged ignorance of particularly Wayland and all Linux, in general.

Last year, Zoom engineers and I went back-and-forth trying to identify an unrelated issue and several of them freely admitted to knowing “nothing” about Linux and “even less” about Wayland. They, generally, fell back on the “we can’t support every type of linux” argument; when I pointed out I’m not asking for that kind of support, just for support for the distros they provide software for, there was silence.

I do find a workaround for most issues, like updating, using the tray icon.

I downgraded to mutter.x86_64 44.0-1.fc38 And I can use the menu normally.

It looks like this is an Issue we (Linux community) will be able to solve.
Could someone be so kind and file a but against mutter?

Thanks. Under mutter 44.0-1, zoom menus work.

It seems to be reported upsteam:

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I downgraded mutter for the time being. Let’s hope the issue is resolved quickly.

The issue still persists with current Zoom 5.15.3 an mutter 44.2

On Fedora 38 command is:

sudo dnf swap  mutter-44.2-2.fc38.x86_64 mutter-44.0-1.fc38.x86_64

And instruction for lock mutter-44.0-1.fc38.x86_64 version:

mutter 44.3

Is available now, please update and test if it works.

For me, the zoom menus still do not work as expected in mutter-44.3

Still the same issue on 44.3-1…
Revert using (sudo) dnf swap to 44.0-1 solve problem now.

Ok sorry, I checked without the header menu (avatar).

With the rest I could work quite well. But anyway It is not as it should be.

I would suggest looking to see if the bug is fixed upstream.