Your fedora os show as some error

Why does this screen show when I turn on my laptop and after it doesn’t work my laptop keyboard so I don’t enter my encryption password and also not access home screen.

That appears to be the grub boot menu. It also appears one may have installed a grub theme that is displayed there.

What happens if one waits the 5 seconds noted at the bottom of the screen? or presses the enter key? Does it continue to boot?

The image is quite blurry, and the left edge is cut off, but that is not an error message, merely the normal grub menu.

There have been problems with several grub themes, so I personally never attempt to use a theme.

It also appears, if I can decipher the blur correctly, that this is the default 6.2.9 kernel installed from the live image released for F38. There have been many updates since F38 was released in April and updating is strongly recommended.

The GRUB menu also appears (on the subsequent restart) if you forcefully reboot/shutdown the machine before the boot process is complete.

@hichi could you provide some more clues?
Laptop model. Fedora Linux release. Is this a freshly installed system? The keyboard used to work on the live system/during the installation?

my installation is successful and also runs fedora os but a problem comes from after some time to show as this screen and also not access the bios setting because my keyboard does not work.

only work shutdown button.

And then go to the next screen after 5 seconds:

In this between not working my laptop any keyboard key and also reseatring bios setting key click not work.