Xorg using 26 gigs virtual memory; why?

Xorg is using 26gb virtual memory, even after reboot. I’ve found some other posts of people whose Xorg process is using a lot of virtual memory, but nothing close to 26 gigs. pmap just shows it all under an “anon” line. Any idea what could cause this, or how I could figure it out? Sometimes my system seems sluggish, but other times it’s normal despite this Xorg issue. In general I know not to worry about high virtual memory use as long as physical memory is mostly free (which it is; 12 of 16gb free). But 26 gigs is unusual, right? I’m using nvidia drivers from rpmfusion if that matters; nouveau appears incompatible with my RTX 3060.

EDIT: Maybe someone can help me understand what virtual memory even means in this context. I have 16gb of RAM and an 8gb swap, so 26gb is greater than the sum. Plus, free shows no swap usage. What is it that Xorg could be using 26gb of?

Replying to my own question: I had missed this link, where someone says that top is just showing mapped memory, not memory that is used in any sense. And this answer explains that if a line in pmap has just dashes, then that memory is only used to catch bad pointers.

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