Xorg Memory Leak/High RAM Usage/Crash: Fedora Budgie

Hello, first time posting here, sorry if any mistakes. I have Fedora Budgie installed because I heard it most power efficient, I have limited my CPU Clock to 400MHz to 1GHz only to save power, as my primary goal in to watch lectures all day, for which I donot want to push my laptop through 6-7 charge cycles in a day…
what I’ve noticed is Xorg boots at 80MB RAM Usage and then steadily grows to 1.4GB, where it will crash, and I will have to hard shutdown my laptop…
I only use Thorium Web Browser with one tab. the issue is with firefox and chrome too… I dont know what causes it, nothing I’ve found on the internet helps me.

I am ready to provide any info you want, Fedora Budgie is awesome, my battery life lasts almost 7 hours from previously 3 hours on KDE. I donot want to remove it.

sys info:

When providing textual information please copy-n-paste it like this:

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We need to know details of the Xorg crash.

Please install inxi and give the output of

inxi -GFxx

What is in the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file when the problem happens?
What is the end of the output of dmesg when the crash happens?
What logs are in journal --since=10m just after the crash?