Eolie (WebKit) mmaps 100GB


I started to use Eolie web browser. It really quite nice, however it seems to use 100GB of virtual memory reported by top (each WebkitWebProcess) .

You can generally ignore the virtual memory values - these include a lot of stuff that doesn’t actually consume memory, for example memory pages that have been assigned but aren’t used (yet). Those are assigned the kernel zero page and do not consume memory. My firefox processes often assign tens of GB virtual memory but rarely use more than a few hundred MB.

The relevant values are RES (Resident memory), but even there, in top’s output there is also a lot of duplication going on - when processes fork they share there memory, so you end up with e.g. a bunch of firefox processes that each are listed as consuming X GB memory, but in reality, they all use the same X GB.

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