XFCE vs LXQT vs LXDE - need help to decide the OS


I have a Dell Inspiron 5010 with no graphic card, running on integrated intel graphics and 8 GB ram. I mostly use for office work. Fedora KDE Plasma deskop 33 is crashing with screen flickering. So I am deciding which OS would be better to run the following programs that I use regularly.
Firefox and Chrome

Need your inputs and recommendations to help me decide the OS.

I have a Dell Vostro 3350, 8GB memory, 256GB ssd.

I consider Gnome, KDE/Plasma are equally usable.

None of the DEs you list are objectively better than the others for any given purpose. It is all a matter of personal preference. I can only advise you try them and see which one you prefer.

That being said, my recommendation would be determine why you are having crashes and screen flickering and fix the problem rather than bounce between DEs until you catch one that happens to work by default. DEs aren’t different OSes. It is the same OS with a different UI.

For example, your issues could be video driver related and switching DEs won’t help.