Best desktop environment for me please

please be gentle,ive been trying to find a solution for this since i have my nvidia card!
id like some suggestions what DE should i use. i have a bunch of problems with my pc and cant get my way around them.
i have a nvidia rtx 2080ti and right now i installed f36 kde spin. i have some crashes and desktop glitches that cant get rid of. i had them even on f35! the animations are butter smoth on wayland. if i switch to x11 i have no glitches but its laggy(settings takes 3 secs to open) and no matter what settings i tried still not smoth!
i tried installing gnome but im not a fan of tablet mode or osx wannabe,so i dont like gnome 3 shell.
i like DE similar to “m$ win”.
kde suits me(animations,widgets and so on) but i cant bc of nvidia. :frowning:
my pc has plenty of resources so im not interested in lxqt,lxde,soaz or other fast and old looking DE.
i just want something that works,looks good, and no problems with my nvidia card.

pc specs:
40 gb ram
512 ssd m2+2 tb hdd+1tb hdd
ryzen 7 2700x
rtx 2080ti

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You’d like a DE like that other OS? Have you tried Cinnamon? It’s quite window$ like. There is even a Fedora spin for it.


Have you looked into RPM Fusion? From what I understand you have to manually enable third-party repos and NVIDIA drivers, and those can be found in RPM Fusion.

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drivers are installed with akmod-nvidia. drivers are loaded and nouveau is blacklisted. x11 is laggy and wayland is full of glitches.

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