KDE desktop very sluggish slow lagging

I would like to switch to KDE desktop. Mostly because of multiple monitor configurations. But it seems like im missing something but unsure what.

Im used to running gnome. And its fast. : 2x amd HD7950 3gb | amd quad core 3.1ghz | 8gb ram | ssd | Running 3 monitors. 1 full HD, 2 x HD-ready | Still running version 29. Didnt upgrade yet. But like i said with gnome its really fast… Just my monitors jump in importance and programs open on wrong default monitors (thats why i want to switch)

But i installed KDE / plasma | Tried switchdesk kde (but that really doesnt do much except make me unable to input data with mouse or keyboard on non-default monitors) So i have to log out. Then log in to kde desktop.

However KDE is extremely slow. And by slow i mean it takes about 7-9 seconds to open bottom menu. And another 7-9 seconds to click log out. Soon as i switch back to gnome everything zooms like usual. I understand that KDE is just heavier and it would take longer but not this much. My instinct tells me its video-card related / monitors. But strange since everything works just fine on gnome. After searching the forums i tried to disable composition (i think) effects for windows. And it does take down load time to 5-7 seconds. but thats still way to long for any mouse click.

So im definately missing something but cant figure out what. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great! Thanks in advance

@superdude Welcome!

I’m not sure about KDE performance maybe you could give a try to KDE add a new user there and see the performance with a new environment…

About GNOME I suggest Open a new TOPIC:

How to configure GNOME to open Application in Determinate Window/Screen/Monitor?

and explain What Would you like to archive?

for example I would like to open firefox in one-monitor, window or wharever, etc and and the same time have open other aplications in another one, or open automatically in one window/monitor, etc…

and keep this about performance KDE only…


My question is really all about KDE. What i want to do, options i want to have are simply not possible under gnome hence the desire to switch to KDE.

Since yesterday : I upgrade to fedora 30. I tried disable-ling baloo file index. Plugged out two monitors. Only 1 now remaining. Nothing makes a change. Only thing that does seem to have an effect is compositor. desktop clicks go from 4-5 seconds with compositor off to 7-12 seconds with compositor on either opengl 3.1 or opengl2 |

OpenGL is installed. checked with grep OpenGL. All good there. But as for KDE desktop still unusable

Well i pretty much tried it all. Checked bottleneck on cpu and gpu. Made new user. Nothing worked.
Everything sluggish and slow. The one thing that did work was install KDE Neon. So guess that doesnt close /answer question for others with same problem but did solve it for me.