KDE Plasma panel issues

Hi guys, I’ve installed Fedora KDE 39 on my M1 Air. I’m having troubles customizing any Plasma Panel. Once I enter the Edit Mode everything gets super-slow, interactions such as drag and drop lag a lot and is impossible even to rearrange the icons. Same if I want to see the options of the panel, the modal doesn’t show up (I can only see few pixels of it).

Same happens if playing Fedora 38/39 on VMWare Fusion (on macOS). In that case I’m able to login using X11 to just edit the panel but I was wondering if is there any way to have a smooth experience.

Besides that, everything works great. Thank you.

Same here, though the fullscreen menu widget also seems to be very slow. Searching anything has a second or two delay.

The searching slowdown is quite evident due to that delay, and it appears to be more of a KDE bug rather than an issue on Asahi’s end. On another note, has anyone else experienced those bothersome bars appearing at the bottom or right of the screen while using a Chromium-based browser on KDE? This issue persists when utilizing the default X11 setting in the browser and remains even when I try forcing the browser to Wayland through chrome://flags using ozone.

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